It comes a day in every company´s life where they hit a major roadblock. No matter from where they are looking, problems seem to hold the company back from growth. External factors are pushing for a major change as times are shifting and technologies evolving. As a result, there are many internal issues that seem to need a boost to reach the targets and become relevant and competitive as they once were. 

With new generations come new developments. Societies are constantly changing and so are their interests and behaviors. These new changes are essential for companies as their products and services should be aligned with the customers needs and desires. The key to remain at the top is by adaptation, embracing the cultural transformation and use innovation as a vehicle for empowerment. 

Cultural Transformation

A leader company in health care that provides solutions to the changing needs of patients, has encountered a major roadblock that is forcing them to change their ways. They are seizing a transformation focused on added value through innovation. As a solution, Opinno has guided the company to develop the beyond the pill services and functionalities for the different pharmaceuticals before being launched to the market. The target is to constantly develop the products and services through innovation and avant-garde based on the focus groups feedback. Through innovative multidisciplinary work, they seek to generate new and improved interactions between users and pharmaceuticals to create a major impact in the system.


The Strategy 

To achieve a positive result, the strategic objectives have to be settled. All the objectives need to be aligned in order to define the objective and how the initiative will come to life. Second, developing influencing solutions for "beyond the pill services", building it with key agents to provide maximum value. Lastly, create lasting contact and connections with key agents in the Access Market. 

Having in mind the strategic objectives, comes into play the alignment of the initiative focus which was be done by exploring several profiles of interest and spotting the challenges that need to be tackled. In this context, the following assets are defined, the ecosystem, the actors who will partake and the obstacles. The second phase consists on developing the initiative´s model and implementation roadmap that are based on the results of the first phase of definition. During this time, there is a fast track of the selected ideas by testing prototypes and solution validations

Lastly, the initiative is implemented by carrying out the determined sessions to acquire insights, connect with the profiles of interest and generate new solutions for the future. Through this process the company is able to stay relevant knowing the interest of the market by actively interacting with the customers.