One of our pharma clients engaged us in a project that includes defining a new innovation model.

With the implementation of this new business model, the executive team plans to address two complex problems that at the moment are hindering their potential for expansion.

1. The improvement of production systems and processes through mechanization and digitalization of processes;

2. To open new markets through advanced cross-selling and localizing segments where needs are not covered; sell to atypical segments.

The pharma industry is the largest in the world investing a great part of the budget in R&D.



The project consisted of three phases:

Phase I: Define innovation model

Design the innovation model with the management team

Phase II: How to implement the business model

Generate an Action Plan to implement the innovation model, with concrete and effective actions. Short and medium term actions focused on covering the greatest needs detected by employees.

Focus on quick-wins

Within the action plan we will focus on actions that require little effort and have a high impact on the company. Activating these quick wins will allow us to gain momentum to develop short and medium term actions in the future.


Created an Innovation Manifesto: Vision, Mission, Structure, Relationship Model.