EmTech Digital LATAM is the international conference that presents the most innovative technologies that will transform companies to adapt them to new business models in the digital era, hand in hand with the brightest and most disruptive minds.

After its successes in San Francisco, MIT Technology Review was presented for the first time to Latin America on July 27 and 28, in collaboration with IPADE Business School and Opinno. This important event brought together more than 500 attendees, pioneers and innovators, who discussed the tools that will allow them to build and drive digital transformation and new business models in different sectors.


The event began with the editor in chief of the MIT Technology Review Gideon Lichfield who assured that 3D Metal printers, artificial embryos, simultaneous language translators, environmentally friendly natural gas power plants and quantum computers are some of the 10 technologies that will revolutionize the world in the coming years.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of BINA48, a humanoid robot capable of storing memories, emotions and beliefs through a system called "technological immortality".



The general director of IPADE Business School, collaborator of the EmTech Digital LATAM 2018 project, Rafael Gómez Nava, concluded: "Our commitment in the IPADE Business School is to contribute to the training of business leaders in Mexico who, aware of the fundamental role played by innovation and technology in today's world, seek to expand their knowledge on the subject of innovation, learn new tools and best practices, as well as have an international experience, something that during the EmTech Digital LATAM can be achieved. "