We are a unique global consultancy firm supporting companies around the world.

Opinno is a global innovation company founded in Silicon Valley in 2008 that transforms organizations through the use of innovative methodologies designed by entrepreneurs.

With more than 250 employees and offices in 7 countries (Spain, United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Italy), we are one of the leading innovation consultancy firms, specializing in the design of innovation and digital strategies, cultural/corporate transformation and new ways of working (agile, lean, collaborative models), design of digital products and services, digital reskilling of the workforce, prototyping, and the design and implementation of open innovation strategies.

Opinno has consolidated an ecosystem of outstanding experts in innovation and technology from around the world, in addition to editing the MIT Technology Review magazine in Spanish.

Our model is based on the Lean model (build, measure, learn) and brings together all our areas: Business Strategy and Architecture, Technological Solutions and Open Innovation.


Within each of these areas we have developed a series of disciplines dedicated to improving our service offerings