We are a unique global consultancy firm supporting companies around the world.


Opinno was born in Silicon Valley at the end of 2008, coinciding with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the beginning of the economic crisis. For us, this date is symbolic because it marks the beginning of a profound transformation in all the sectors that had not yet been digitized and a moment in which innovation, at last, became a strategic asset for all companies.

Opinno was born and raised in an environment of high uncertainty. This has made us an efficient, agile, and resilient company who is very focused on our customers. For us, startups are the organizations that best represent these values, hence our philosophy which we always bring to our customers: 'When it comes to innovation, every business is a startup'

Opinno Team

We are aware that in this new competitive environment, companies must work together with their ecosystem, and that is why we have developed a network of more than 50,000 experts, through our alliance with MIT Technology Review and Harvard Business Review, with which we have published contents in Spanish since our birth.

Opinno has developed its own work culture and methodology, called the Opinno Way, and a collaborative work platform, Opinno.IO, which allows our 150 consultants to count on the support of the network's 50,000 experts for their projects.

During these years we have received the recognition and support of organizations such as the World Economic Forum, which named our founder a Young Global Leader 2016, Eisenhower Fellowships, made him an Innovation Fellow in 2014 and Aspen Institute, which distinguished him as an Adler Fellow in 2016.