29 May 2023

Innovators Under 35 LATAM 2023

20 Apr 2022

Innovators Under 35 LATAM 2022

01 Oct 2021

Best NGOs for Startups

21 Jun 2021

Novartis Cancer Start-up Program

Novartis is embracing the digital revolution in health with a new edition of Cancer Start-up Program, its initiative that seeks to find solutions for a better approach to cancer patients and addressing the needs of health professionals.


08 Jun 2021

Premios Zinkinn Andalucía

Los mejores proyectos andaluces para la innovación sanitaria con impacto en la sociedad.

24 Jun 2020

Reshape: a global call for the energy transition

As the world begins to transition into the new normal, we continue to embrace our innovation mindset in order to reimagine the way we do business.

This call aims to transform innovation into future solutions for the global energy landscape and the new needs emerging around the world. To do so, we will work closely with solvers, startups and SMEs on challenges that span across our organisation and our business.

10 Sep 2020

Exponential Change Makers 2020



01 Oct 2020

Future of education | Purpose Alliance ORG

Necesitamos redefinir lo que significa la educación, necesitamos reinventar nuestros sistemas educativos. Y necesitamos hacerlo nosotros mismos: la gente, los que hacen

02 Jul 2020

Gmp horizon


01 May 2020

The JEDI Billion Molecules Against Covid-19 GrandChallenge

01 Apr 2020

Beat the Vid

Do you have a technological project that can generate value for health professionals and patients in the face of the COVID-19 crisis?

18 Dec 2019

Derma Pitch Competition

Derma Pitch Competition, the initiative looking for new technological solutions that allow for a better diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis.

02 Oct 2019

Ferrovial Build Up!

We have extended the call until 27 November

Join us!

22 May 2019

Minds & Tech: Challenging Minds Competition

Participate in the Challenging Minds competiion, where supermind start-ups connect

01 Apr 2018

Start&Meet-UP EmTech Europe 2018

October 2&3 Toulouse

21 Jan 2019

Innovators Under 35 Latam 2019

Take part in MIT Technology Review's annual competition and be on the list of the 35 most outstanding innovators under 35 in Latin America

20 Jan 2019

Innovators Under 35 Europe 2019

Take part in MIT Technology Review's annual competition and be on the list of the 35 most outstanding innovators under 35 in the European Union.

05 Mar 2018

InnovAcción TeleVía

es el hackathon realizado por TeleVía en busca de innovar para la mejora de la movilidad y medio ambiente en México

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