With this new autonomy in the workplace, new needs have arisen for the worker. Work itself is not enough: employees now need resources to help them meet their needs during the day.

Business parks are taking the lead in this area by designing work infrastructures that focus on best practice, but not forgetting the needs of the people who work to implement it.


Axiare Patrimonio, one of the first SOCMI in Spain, understands this changing environment and offers a space in Alcobendas designed to meet the needs that accompany it.

With this model in mind, at Opinno we have designed a mobile application that makes the most of this business park, while also adapting to the needs of other buildings and complexes.


With our application, residents installed in the business park will be able to:

  • Use the mobile device to unlock and access the complex
  • Place an order at the restaurant
  • Electric bicycle rental
  • Request a visitor pass for a colleague outside the complex
  • Learn about gymnastic activities
  • Reserving a parking space
  • Make a reservation at the sports park
  • Reserve Gold Changes
  • Publish a carpool ad
  • Send suggestions and comments to those in charge of the park


Use a mobile device to provide key access to the complex:

Resident users of the business park can unlock the access locks with their mobile phones; Bluetooth and software manufactured by the lock designers allows them access via a virtual key that works very much like any traditional access card.

Order at the restaurant:

Breakfast, lunch or simply an aperitif can be ordered and paid for through our application thanks to an integrated wallet. You can choose to eat or take away at the time you decide.

Electric bicycle rental:

Move around on the electric bikes available to park residents through our application. The virtual key unlocks bicycles directly from their holders and can be paid for directly with the integrated wallet.

Request a visitor pass for a colleague outside the complex:

Through our application, park residents can request a visitor pass to speed up the arrival process at the complex. Visitors are given a barcode before arrival to facilitate entry through security and provide them with key information about the park.

Stay informed about gym activities:

Park residents have a gym at their disposal; our application contains everything they need to know about activities and schedules.

Reserve a parking space:

Any resident can reserve a [parking space from the application by simply entering their details and selecting the desired day, time and duration.

Make a reservation at the sports park:

The facilities include a paddle tennis court and a multi-purpose court, which can be booked through the application and paid for with the integrated wallet.


Reserve gold changers:

These are exculsive locker rooms within the park, but outside of the sanitary facilities, and are available to park residents through the application.

Post carpooling announcements:

This application encourages park residents to share vehicles as they travel to and from the complex through an area where they can select the route, starting point, arrival and time. Once connected through the application, residents can follow the contact by email.

Send suggestions and opinions to those responsible for managing the business park complex:

Any user can send their opinion, suggestions and even photos to managers.

Mock up

At Opinno we have designed an application that provides a solution to all aspects of a business park. It allows users to take full advantage of the services and options offered in a comfortable and easy to use way. Administrators will also benefit from the unique platform provided by the application that centralizes the work of managing a large and busy complex and its use of resources.