Venture Building

The biggest challenge for organizations is to adapt their value proposition to a changing world. We support our clients by designing and building new products, prototypes, or even entire businesses.

English Venture Building

User to idea. Service and Business Design 

We are part of the end-to-end process development, accelerating the innovation phases through the identification of market opportunities, the progress and validation of solutions and business models and the configuration of the operational bases, for the launch of the company or the integration to the product portfolio

  • Market analysis. Understanding market trends, ecosystems, and customer and non-customer needs to obtain business opportunities that materialize into innovative solutions
  • Validating the “Solution Fit”. Ensure that the designed solution and its value proposition satisfies customer needs, thus validating through an iterative process the desirability of the product/service in a target market
  • Achieving a “Market Fit”. Define and validate the business model and product adjustment in the market through an iterative process of experimentation to ensure its viability and profitability
  • Creating a “Spin Off”. Accompany the configuration and start-up of the company, in all its aspects: product/service BETA development, team configuration, process definition, brand image and positioning, technological alliances, access to investment, among others

Idea to MVP. Prototyping, UX&UI and Development 

We transform opportunities into new products, experiences or digital processes that generate impact on users and the business. We design useful, usable and desirable user experiences and products

  • User experience design (UX). We identify user stories and requirements, design information architectures and generate low-fidelity prototypes to validate content structures and product navigation
  • Interface design (UI). We design user interfaces focused on the brand image of our clients and that offer an appealing and useful visual. We develop interfaces that offer freedom of use, control, ease of decision making and efficiency of use
  • Data visualization. We create graphs, maps and dashboards with essential KPIs. These elements will help you understand trends, usage patterns and outliers at a glance, to facilitate decision making
  • System design. We define systems and design guidelines based on reusable patterns, to create different functionalities to create a consistent language from which we create products. Our design systems are the balance between design and development, thus reducing time and costs

MVP to Business. Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing 

We guide the client so that their marketing and communication actions are directed towards innovation and we provide depth in each content, which allows companies to gain credibility and position themselves as pioneers in the development of new initiatives. We offer a strategic approach with a customized scope

  • Digital Marketing Strategy. Exhaustive market research for the launching and positioning of new products and services
  • Digital market analysis. Comparative study to visualize the online marketing and commercialization actions being developed by the competition
  • Social listening management. Tracking public digital platforms to understand what is being said about a brand
  • Potential marketing. Opinno's proprietary methodology to validate products and services in the digital marketplace prior to launching them
  • Branding and communication. Branding strategies to create, develop and maintain identity in the marketplace and accompany cultural transformation
  • Communication plans. Communication plans based on tactical actions to enhance brand value and meet the needs of the target audience
  • Contents. Prestige actions to consolidate the community, taking care of everything from tone to identity and creativity
  • Events. Production and hosting of face-to-face and virtual events, as well as webinars, hackathons and inspirational
  • E-commerce plans. Design and management of ecommerce platforms and strategy for marketing, internationalization and positioning of products and services
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