Los bancos

Banks are facing several challenges in this new dynamic business ecosystem. First, there is changing consumer dynamic. Banks are now expected to provide a multi-channel experience for the consumer that allows them to have more mobile experiences. Second, banks have to improve consumer retention. Too many consumers are moving from bank to bank, banks must utilize artificial intelligence in their customer efforts in order to increase retention. Last, banks need to provide support and financial guidance. This can be accomplished via virtual guidance allowing customers to interact with chatbots online.

An important French Bank considers, within its marketing and external communication strategy, direct contact with companies through initiatives that reach the heart of its customers (especially through its marketing and business development departments).

This strategy includes the organization of Business Forums around the most important, urgent, and relevant issues that affect their current and potential clients.

Last May, the French Bank  developed a day in which it clarified to its clients the new legislation of the sector and the implications it would imply for its´ business. Topic currently occupies position 3 among the concerns of the sector, according to, Insurance Banana Skins 2017, a report prepared by PwC and the Center for the Study of Financial Innovation states.

Opinno proposed the organization of a event that inspired action, initiative ,and report through interactive processes of the internal projects that the French Bank was developing in terms of innovation and generation of value.

With these events, the bank sought to demonstrate to its´clients the importance of designing products and services customized for them and that they manage to add real value to their own products and services for the satisfaction of the final customer.