New program

To accomplish this, the school proposed a project with specific defined objectives and issues to be accomplished along a roadmap. We have proposed a three-phase methodology that, through an agile and iterative process, aligns the needs of the users with business constraints to generate solutions of high value and viability.

The first phase of the program was understanding. In this phase, knowledge about potential customers and market trends was generated. A process was then carried out to explore to specific aspects: the customer and market.

The exploration used both Design Thinking and Scouting for the realization of deliverables. In particular, the emphasis was placed on identifying the different types of training programs demanded, the needs they satisfy, and possible positioning opportunities that exist or are being generated.

The second phase of the program was design. In this phase, we use all the knowledge generated to select the strategic approach of the new service. We made sure to define the value proposition for the opportunity areas identified and defined the archetype segments that represent areas of opportunity.

We then used market sizing techniques to determine their attractiveness. To define our target, we developed co-creation sessions with multidisciplinary teams of relevant profiles of the training sector.

The third phase was creation, in this phase we made the model defined in the previous phase tangible so that we can test its validity with third parties involved. Then we polished our design in face of the construction of the first product to bring to the market.