Today, globalization and new technologies generate new trends and changes in user patterns, mobility, and omnichannel. The appearance of new competitors and the disruption technology associated with topics such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, IOT, or virtual reality are transforming markets. Making it necessary for all organizations to be more agile and for their employees to have a digital and innovation culture that allows them to face the challenges of the future.

For this reason, Opinno was contacted by an important electrical company to design a cultural transformation plan that would enable the employees of the organization to be trained and equipped with tools and strategies to be successful when confronted by the challenges posed by the evolving market.


The program consists of the following pillars:

1) Culture: Senior executives were interviewed to understand their vision about the need for change in the company and to obtain messages that would be transmitted in the communication plan. Transparency is important for an effective communication plan, the goals of senior executives must be understood by everyone throughout the organization in order for them to be achieved. When all members of the organization are aware of the collective goals then they can be tackled as a unit.

2) Processes: A survey of current processes and their possible improvements through digitization was developed. In order to innovate and create new solutions a detailed understanding of the current organizational structure is necessary. This allows actors in the organization to identify specific processes that can be altered to improve efficiency.

3) Methodologies: A training plan was created in new methodologies, mainly focusing on design thinking and lean startup. Understanding and implementing design thinking and lean startup are vital to the development of new ideas.Design thinking allows organizations to understand the user and challenge previously held assumptions which can lead to innovation. Lean startup is also important because it allows organizations to shorten product development by implementing experimentation and validated learning.

4) Technology: Training sessions were conducted on the new software that the company acquired to encourage employees to utilize them. Training of new software is important because many employees can be discouraged with the implementation of new technology. By offering training with the new software, organizations can ensure that the new technology is implemented and utilized.

This project allowed the company to achieve several different goals that helped their organizations become more agile and improve the organizational innovation culture. First, the design of the traditional strategic plan of the company with a long-term vision and focus on innovation.Second, the generation of innovative ideas that favor an exponential digital transformation based on the field of innovation. Third, the involvement of the management team of the organization to collaborate in the digital transformation process.