Tree School

After three years of training more than 2,000 students of the YTiA (Young Talents in Action), we decided to create Tree School, an educational hub, which focuses on the digital skills and new technologies most demanded by the Italian market. We target young talents from Southern Italy looking to access the digital and innovation sectors and connect them with companies across the country.

Tree School is the educational branch of the consultancy company Tree. Founded by Antonio Perdichizzi, Tree especialices in open innovation, ecosystem building and education, to promote the digital transformation of companies.

With the recent acquisition of Tree, at Opinno we are consolidating our position in Southern Europe and incorporating its educational branch, which provides a new educational experience that is having a huge impact by connecting students to the real needs of companies.

The project, designed in collaboration with a strategic partner, Experis, ManpowerGroup’s business line, specializing in IT, managing professional talents in technology and innovation, aims to attract new young talent between the ages of 18 and 25, the majority of which have recently graduated in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The project is also supported by Unicredit, which supports the initiative through Social Impact Bank.

Since June, Tree School has shortlisted more than 850 candidates with a clear focus in mind: their talent and potential, and the real needs of the Italian market as expressed by the companies who are participating in the program.

60 students have already completed their courses and conducted their first work interviews through our talent auditions, an innovative meeting format designed to match company employment needs with our students’ specific skills. Currently, 120 students are attending 4 different courses and will be the stars of the 2nd edition of the talent auditions.

The existing courses are dedicated to Data Science & Machine Learning, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer & Mobile App Developer.

Four new courses, focusing on the main trends in the IT sector, are due to begin during the first quarter of 2021. The topics will include data analysis, business intelligence and machine learning algorithms, as well as programming and development of applications for web and mobile platforms. The aim is to provide students with basic project management and Lean methodology, applied to companies and startups. A 360º degree training for young digital talents who are ready to step up to the challenges of the working world.

At Opinno we are proud to incorporate Tree School, a visionary educational project that turns threats into opportunities, by balancing the needs of students and companies in the digital sector so as to create a win-win situation for both parties and society at large.