In a world where healthcare is evolving towards a patient-centered approach, Hospital Vozandes decided to take a bold step to understand and embrace this transformation. Aware that putting the patient at the center of service design not only improves healthcare management, but also builds long-term relationships, they sought the expertise and innovation of Opinno Ecuador. The goal: to understand how healthcare is evolving and how they could lead this change.

In this context, we started with a strategic basecamp, where Hospital Vozandes and Opinno Ecuador explored together the importance of patient-centricity, identifying the need for the patient to be the main regulator of hospital actions.

We then conducted a comprehensive analysis, gathering the voices of both administrative and healthcare staff, as well as the patient himself. This holistic approach allowed us to identify key opportunities and shortcomings in the current experience.

Once these areas for improvement were identified, specific initiatives were prioritized to address them. However, we recognized that having a list of initiatives would not be sufficient without a regulatory body to guide their implementation. This understanding led to the conclusion that a structured and strategic approach was required: a Patient Experience (PX) model.

María Paula Muñoz, project leader, says: “This model would serve as an internal catalyst, operationalizing patients’ demands and expectations”.

To this end, complementary tools, such as the identification of patient archetypes and the analysis of their journey, among others, deepened and enhanced the initiatives previously identified and contributed to the design of a customized Patient Experience model for Hospital Vozandes, defining both its structure and functional dynamics.

The hospital is now supported by a model that allows it to continuously respond to the demands of its patients, offering a patient-centric experience.

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