This market has manufacturers, dealers and even individuals constantly generating timely and varying requests in order to move their vehicles from one place to another.    

To meet the high demand, there are a number of highly specialized transportation companies. Among them, Tradisa stands out for being a leader in vehicle transportation throughout Europe with distribution centers located in Spain and other key European cities. 

In addition to having a specialized team who handles logistics and a fleet of trucks adapted to the transportation of vehicles, one of the services that make Tradisa unique is the speed in which they respond to the high demand. For years, vehicle transportation companies have used a bidding or auction system, allowing potential clients to publish their requests on specialized websites or send emails with their transportation needs and receive immediate offers from major carriers. 

“The key to working effectively in this market is the speed and rate of response based on quality information. We need to know the average prices based on the history of bids made by the company itself in real time,” says Hugo Monsalve, Project Manager at Opinno. “This dashboard will help them be more agile in managing their bids, prioritizing them by expiration dates and giving them useful information based on their own experience. The amount of time saved is huge and this positively impacts the business. ” 

The goal is to not get lost in the sheer volume of data generated by the company's activity in order to save time in its interpretation, strengthen the effectiveness of services and avoid losing opportunities amidst the immediacy and expiration of bids. Again, the key factor relies on the team so the tool will also make this complex task easy for them to carry out.    

In order to automatize the process of managing requests, the team needs to first interpret the emails sent by potential clients. Once the information is received in a structured HTML file with the basic data, the next step is grouping these requests in an orderly way, helping the team make decisions without missing business opportunities.   

In many cases, client requests do not respond to a pre-determined structure, making their management very complicated. This is why we are using new technology to design a neural network for their treatment.  
The tool also allows the team to look up the history of requests received and proposals issued, whether or not they were carried through. With this information, the platform suggests an optimal price for each bid, based on a conversion historical analysis.  This solution is accessible from any device, allowing for full control of the business opportunities that are presented daily.    

After eight weeks of work, we are fine-tuning the last details so the dashboard could begin to operate later this year. So far, the experience has been a real learning curve for the whole team at Opinno who is thrilled to be actively supporting one of the leading vehicle transportation companies in Europe.