B Corp

– B Corp is a global movement with more than 5,500 accredited companies in 84 countries, spanning 153 business sectors and nearly half a million employees. 

– The consulting firm stands out for its social and environmental commitments, the absence of a wage gap, parity across all its positions and its governance policies. 

Obtaining the B Corp seal goes beyond certifying a product or service. Rather, it is about the ability to create a new business model and deliver it through the only global standard that measures the social and environmental performance of the entire company, while also defining its identity. 

B Corp companies use their economic inertia to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. The B Corp certification process measures performance across 5 areas of impact including governance, employees, clients, community and environment. 

In this respect, Opinno's mission is to make an impact through innovation, creating social, environmental and economic value for all its stakeholders, transcending the mere objective of maximizing shareholder value. 

“Given that we share a common philosophy with the B Corp movement, we decided to go one step further to become certified and ensure that we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance,” says Javier Iglesias, director of operations at Opinno, “The process began with an internal self-assessment in which, in addition to checking our initial readiness for certification, we decided to implement 35 additional measures until we felt fully prepared for the B Corp challenge.” 

To ensure that it has real impact, the consulting firm has demonstrated compliance with the rigorous transparency and legal accountability requirements of this certification, which involves undergoing a re-evaluation every three years.  

Becoming a B Corp also entails joining an active community of people and companies committed to exchanging best practices, lessons learned and opportunities for business and business transformation.   

About Opinno. 

Opinno is a global innovation company, born in Silicon Valley in 2008, that transforms organizations through the use of innovative methodologies. With more than 230 employees and offices in 7 countries (Spain, Italy, United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina and Peru), Opinno is a leading innovation consulting firm. We specialize in the design of digital and innovation strategies, cultural/corporate transformation and new ways of working through agile and collaborative models. Our services include designing digital products and services, digital workforce reskilling, prototyping and designing and implementing open innovation strategies. Opinno has consolidated an ecosystem that includes innovation and technology experts from around the world and is also an active partner of leading global companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday and AWS. Opinno is also a partner of MIT Technology Review, the publishing arm of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).