Is eternal youth possible? Is a robot ethical? Is there life on Venus? Is the end of Twitter near? What role does technology play in the war in Ukraine, or in racism? All these questions, and many more, are discussed in MIT Technology Review en español, the Spanish-language edition for the Spanish-speaking world of MIT Technology Review (MIT TR), the world's oldest technology magazine. 

Founded by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1899, its Spanish version works with Opinno as a partner and editor, and Opinno has been contributing its experience to creating communication and content strategies, brand promotion and positioning since 2008. 

In this way, Opinno contributes to “creating a space for debate and the sharing of knowledge with the general public“, through a two-fold approach: creating a community around technology, innovation and interest in the development of society, and providing a wealth of information that allows them to know what place these cornerstones hold in the world, explains Carlos Corominas, Editor-in-Chief of MIT Technology Review in Spanish. 

As head of the Spanish edition of the magazine, he and his team are responsible for dealing with the challenge of making information accessible and adapting complex topics of the scientific and technological field to convert them into content within the reach of the general public. Corominas highlights the unique advantages that distinguish MIT TR in Spanish from any other publication: first-class sources, the prestige and credibility of its brand, the informative rigor and the ability to analyze with simplicity, but in depth and from a technological point of view, the key issues taking place in the world. 

In addition, it has a global community of more than 15,000 professionals, the capacity to reach a wide audience on both sides of the Atlantic (with Spain and Mexico as the main players, followed by Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Chile) and its varied and large portfolio of formats, both for the magazine and for third parties and promotional activities: 

  • Media partnership 
  • Articles  
  • Podcasts 
  • Reports 
  • Videos 
  • Infographics 
  • Content syndication  
  • Content generation  
  • Banners 
  • Social media content  
  • Promotion in newsletters and special articles  

For readers, the publication offers “that meeting point where they know that rigor and quality are guaranteed by the MIT seal,” while for companies the benefits are twofold: it becomes a space where they can showcase their innovation, technology and scientific projects, and gives them the opportunity to position themselves as patrons or sponsors of “stories that deserve to be told,” says Corominas. 

The MIT TR partnership and Opinno have formed a 15-year alliance that has led to many different topics, from those most directly related to technological development (artificial intelligence and robotics, digitization, internet of things, electric cars…) to others of current relevance in which technology plays a less obvious, but fundamental role. 

This is the case of Russia's current war in Ukraine (for example, about cyber-attacks or attempts to circumvent official propaganda through websites and social networks such as Telegram), the technological solutions with which it is trying to combat climate change, the impact of ethics in AI, the cases of abuse of African-American women or civil rights, with a focus on deep-rooted issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement and discrimination. 

“It's a space to spark conversation around how technology impacts humanity and what benefits – and also risks – its use brings to major issues,” describes Corominas. “That's the power that the magazine has: it addresses issues that are very global or that are in the public eye, but always from the point of view of technology and how it influences those issues for better or worse.