Ten Spanish Startups, Connectif.ai, Forest Chain, Froged, Kronte, Linc, Meyo, Nymiz, Planet Dataset, Subcry, Talentup participated in the San Francisco Challenge Distance Training Program, during which they received advice and interactedWith agents of the Silicon Valley ecosystem to know in depth the potential of its companies in the North American market and how to scale globally.

Companies had the opportunity to interact with investment experts, laws, oratory, marketing, entrepreneurship, business development and strategy, as well as successful Spanish entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.
Successfully ends the Remote Immersion Program of & NBSP; Challenge San Francisco, driven by ICEX and Red.es.
Photo: Successfully ends the San Francisco Remote Immersion Program, driven by ICEX and Red.es.Credit: Challenge San Francisco

Madrid, April 8, 2021.-Chamber San Francisco, an initiative driven by ICEX and Red.es, has given support through its remote immersion program to ten Spanish Technological Startups.

The program consisted of two weeks of workshops taught telematics that took place from March 15 to 26.Companies had the opportunity to interact with investment experts, laws, oratory, marketing, entrepreneurship, business development and strategy, as well as successful Spanish entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

The ten participating startups, Connectif.AI, Forest Chain, Froged, Kronte, Linc, Meyo, Nymiz, Planet Dataset, Subcrog, Talentup have received advice from Silicon Valley investors and experts, to study the room for their products inThis market, as well as for planning its entry and expansion in the United States.Likewise, they have learned the best practices of the companies of Sillicon Valley to grow exponentially and climb globally.

These are some of the testimonies of the companies that have participated:

Andrea de Palma, CEO and Co-Founder de Connectif, comments that “the program has been an approach to the VC world and the reality of Silicon Valley that exceeds expectations, with practical lessons on financing dynamics, sales andmarketing.A vision of the near future of a Startup that can be implemented today.It is essential that the entrepreneurship has these programs that open up on their way to the possibilities that exist outside our current scope to also measure, value, recalibrate and continue dreaming big. “

For Oscar Villanueva, Co-Founder and Nymiz CEO “One of the best programs, the best feedback and with the best speakers, real entrepreneurs who have sold their companies in USA, VCS of USA, in summary: brutal”

According to Victor Gentile, co-CEO and Co-Founder of Planet Dataset “The San Francisco challenge team has managed to join, in only 2 weeks, all the vital parts of a startup in the climbing phase in a different program, uniqueand with a totally practical approach.The sessions and professionals who have accompanied us these days are impressive and it has been lucky to share our time with them. “

San Francisco challenge will launch a new edition in the autumn of 2021. All information regarding the initiative is available at https://www.sanfrancisco.desafia.gob.es/

More than 100 Spanish technological companies have gone through previous editions of the program.The portfolio of companies has created more than 3,000 jobs and has raised more than 230 million dollars of capital.The average investment is 1.45 million dollars from the venture capital firms and more prestigious industry accelerators.


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