June 23rd 2023, Madrid – At a recent meeting with Irene Tinagli, chairwoman of the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, several crucial issues related to the European economy and financial sustainability were discussed. 

The event, organized by Opinno and presented by Elena Rodriguez Vera, Director of Opinno Spain, brought together several executives from companies in the Spanish financial sector such as BBVA, BNP Paribas Finance Spain, DKV, Grupo Lar, Mapfre and Prosegur. It was an opportunity to discuss significant developments and key actions undertaken by the Tinagli team, such as digitalization and financial sustainability. 

One of the highlights of the meeting was the implementation of the digital euro prototype by the European Central Bank. Although its final launch is not yet guaranteed, the progress made so far represents an important step towards the digitalization of the currency and the modernization of the European financial system. 

The team led by Irene Tinagli has demonstrated its ability to face major challenges, including the global pandemic and the conflicts in Ukraine. Despite these obstacles, they have managed to coordinate and work in collaboration with other European countries, actively participating in projects such as the Recovery Resilience Facility. These initiatives aim to boost Europe's economic recovery, strengthen resilience and lay the foundations for a sustainable future. 

In particular, the key role of recovery funds in boosting the economies of European countries was highlighted. Spain, for example, is among the countries that benefit most from these funds and has made significant progress in their implementation. In addition, banks with better capitalization are being encouraged to make investments that promote the transition to a green and sustainable economy. 

As part of these efforts, a taxonomy is being developed to facilitate investment decision-making by the private sector. The objective is to provide clarity and guidance to investors on sustainable investment opportunities, thereby promoting well-balanced and environmentally friendly economic growth. 

“It has been a very interesting opportunity to see the work of the Commission, to see their support and dedication for a sound financial system connected to sustainability,” commented Franck Vignard-Rosez, CEO of BNP Paribas Finance Spain, “It has been recently and very clearly demonstrated that banking regulation in the European Union makes our system one of the most robust in the world.” 

Cabrerizo, Global Managing Director of Prosegur, commented on Irene Tinagli: “I found a person with an interest in listening to companies and organizations to ensure that European regulation has a pragmatic sense that is in line with real needs, and does not become a bureaucratic framework that cripples activity and makes us less competitive”. 

Meanwhile, Miguel Pereda, president of Grupo Lar, shared the following statements: “exciting opportunity to better understand from Irene's experience, the extensive and complex work that is done from the commission to address such technical issues, only thinking about the common good. Another way of doing politics than the one we usually find”. 

During the meeting, Irene Tinagli stressed the importance of a unified European response to industrial challenges. Rather than adopting isolated national responses, the aim is to establish a common framework for action to exploit existing synergies and strengthen Europe's position on the global stage.