Over the last three decades, shopping centers have positioned themselves as the reference commercial destination in Spain. Despite the growing competition from e-commerce, the liberalization of commercial hours of retailers on the street, and the increasing variety in the offer of commercial destinations, shopping centers remain the main format for retail distribution in our country and in the rest of the world.

To maintain this strategic positioning and to not lose the market share gained, shopping centers must be aware that consumers will be increasingly demanding with the experiences they have during their visits.

Shopping centers must evolve in order to ensure that they are meeting the expectations of their customers. If shopping centers are able to meet the expectations of the customers there will be an increase in average time spent by customers in the shopping centers and there an increase in the level of sales of commercial and catering establishments.

The direct threat of e-commerce has given rise to the emergence of a new concept of the shopping center in which customers no longer simply demand a place to stock up but a “destination” center that allows them to enjoy experiences that offer a value proposition differentiator.

Opinno has worked for the construction of an observatory focused on the standardization of customer satisfaction of the different shopping centers. The construction of the observation center has created a standardized archetype of customers visiting the shopping centers. This will allow shopping centers to adjust and evolve to the desires of the customers improving the ability to attract more customers to the center.

The observatory also allows for the ability to define the possible initiatives to pilot in shopping centers based off trends. The insight gathered from the observatory will give shopping centers a comparative advantage when launching new initiatives because it will be able to cate the initiative after the wants of the customer.

Finally, thanks to the observatory we have been able to detect the needs of potential customers and observe the players of the sector based on innovative methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lean StartUp. Also, thanks to the observatory the creation of a standard framework for customer satisfaction. This framework helps in designing, prototyping,  and testing of solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction.