Photo: Designing and defining the Employee Portal. Credit: Pexels

At the end of last year and as part of the Master Plan, the company contacted Opinno to collaborate on designing and defining its Employee Portal, providing a new space for the Group's various stakeholders.

“The project has gone beyond simply combining several pre-existing portals and has required a significant research effort by the different parties involved,” says Laura García, project manager at Opinno, “It is a portal of portals that represents a change in mentality, and which has redefined the day-to-day experience of employees and agents.”

We began conceptualizing the project by identifying all existing portals and their respective content, and by conducting interviews and questionnaires with group employees, business areas and departments. The objective was to align employees' needs with those of each department.

The new corporate Employee Portal will be the point of reference for access to the necessary tools, as well as a space for communicating with the rest of the organization and its collaborators. The aim is to avoid needing numerous passwords, complex navigation, and the existence of irrelevant or outdated content, which, in general, leads to a lack of participation and interest on the part of employees. 

The Portal has been designed around 5 areas of activity: the workspace; collaboration (meetings and connection); day-to-day management (vacation requests and other); bilateral communication between companies, the Group and the employee; and a fifth, more aspirational and motivational aspect, related to CSR, volunteering programs and other forms of engagement.

With the help of Santalucia, we have created a unified experience for the group' s more than 6,000 employees and 2,500 agencies and mediators, even though the contents will be differentiated for each company and group of collaborators. To this end, Opinno has helped to define and build 15 portals that integrate different types of content and features according to availability and needs. These portals offer a uniform experience and visual consistency. The work has been a real challenge in aligning stakeholders from different business areas, companies, groups and collaborators.

“When conceptualizing this portal, in collaboration with Opinno, we paid great attention to certain features that will make this tool a differential experience for the company: mobility, personalization, simplification, the Look & Feel, and creating new models for consuming content. For Santalucía, it will be a gateway to the range of opportunities available to employees, something that has been a major challenge, both in the research and design phases, as well as during construction. Carmen Arroyal, Employee Experience Coordinator at Santalucia
The employee portal's key features are, on the one hand, the unification of access, offering a single point of access for employees, agents and mediators; the homogenization of pre-existing portals and of the user experience for 15 different companies and groups; and finally, integrating more than 10 corporate tools and many others specific to the various business areas into one single portal. 

At Opinno, we are delighted to have collaborated in conceptualizing and designing this portal of portals that represents a change in mindset, and is redefining the day-to-day employee experience.