The facade of a burial tomb in Hegra, sculpted in stone.

Charting a New Course: Unveiling Saudi Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 represents a bold and transformative blueprint, spearheaded by the nation’s leadership to pivot the Kingdom towards a prosperous future. Envisioned as a strategic framework, it aims to diversify the economy, develop public service sectors, and create a vibrant society. The plan is rooted in the core values and strengths of Saudi Arabia while opening new horizons for sustainable development and innovation. Taking advantage of its unique strategic location, and emphasizing its cultural and natural heritage, Saudi Arabia is poised to create an economy that is both sustainable and dynamic, boosting new revenue streams for the country.

AlUla Uncovered: A Desert Gem in Saudi Arabia’s Crown

Nestled in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia, AlUla stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Kingdom. Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and archaeological treasures, AlUla is a cornerstone in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 tourism strategy. The plan for AlUla is ambitious and multifaceted, aiming to transform this historic region into a global destination for culture, nature, and adventure. The development focuses on sustainable and responsible tourism, which respects and preserves the area’s natural and historical integrity. By enhancing its infrastructure and cultural offerings, AlUla is set to become a prime destination for curious travelers worldwide, seeking to explore the undiscovered and experience the unique.

Shaping AlUla’s Global Tourism Future

Opinno, in collaboration with the Innovation Department, embarked on the ambitious task of transforming AlUla into a global tourism hub, setting sights on positioning AlUla as a world reference in sustainable and cultural tourism. Our strategy was underpinned by a visionary and strategic approach, aimed at understanding what the future holds for the tourism sector. To achieve this, we conducted an extensive analysis of 18 key trends, forecasting the evolution of tourism. Further, our exploration into 54 micro-scenarios and 6 mega-concepts established a robust foundation for AlUla’s innovative approach to tourism development, aligning with our goal to foresee and shape the future of sustainable and cultural tourism at a global scale.

Our commitment extended beyond theoretical analysis. We developed specific innovation tools, ensuring our solutions were not only forward-thinking but also pragmatic and applicable. Our involvement encompassed a thorough blend of internal and external assessments, competitive benchmarking, and engaging dialogues with stakeholders.

Our journey in the transformation of AlUla was a thrilling blend of challenges and unique opportunities. As Adrián Núñez, our project leader, described, it was like “getting on a moving train, but that train is a high-speed one.”

The uniqueness of this project, as Núñez pointed out, lay in its ambition, financial support, and the high skill level of the teams involved. For us, this project wasn’t merely about observing a nation’s transformation; it was about being actively involved in one of the most significant growth and transformation processes in the world.

Opinno’s contribution to AlUla’s transformation under the umbrella of Saudi Vision 2030 is more than just a consultancy project; it’s a participation in reshaping the future of a nation. This involvement signifies a milestone in sustainable tourism and cultural preservation, setting a global benchmark.

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