How do established and successful companies adapt to the tide of technological change that accompanies the Digital Revolution when that same tide threatens to outpace them, and their former business models become obsolete?

Opinno was asked by a leading multinational in the plastics industry to design a program of strategic innovation that would transform its business model and production.

The company is well known for its production of a huge variety of plastic products. It operates across 5 continents and in numerous countries with a client base that is also multinational.

Our team at Opinno were brought in as consultants to realize a strategic and specialized consultancy program of innovation for the company’s future business model in all departments and all aspects of production.

We used a Design Thinking approach to inspire and generate a new role for the company. When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation, the company’s success rate for innovation dramatically improves; this methodology also allows us to solve the complex problems involved in organizational change. The design mindset is solutions-focused and action is concentrated on change, rather than on problem-solving.

In addition, Lean Startup principles were called upon to stimulate the company’s entrepreneurial streak, which can lie latent in many company structures still operating using older systems of management. Lean Startup principles get a product into the consumer’s hands quickly and are efficiency driven.

Opinno used tools based on innovative methodologies like these to help the company design a brand new focus in its process of production and to support the company as it embarked in this new direction. Our co-designed strategy was then piloted and adapted before being instigated at the company’s headquarters in Spain.

The results are a complete diversification in the company product. The scenario of ‘before’ was as distributors of plastic; the ‘after’ is as designers and producers.