Opinno strengthens its presence in Chile

Photo: Opinno strengthens its presence in Chile. Credit: Studio

Chile is one of the most advanced Latin American countries in terms of innovation and has one of the highest levels of legal and economic stability. This partnership is a key strategic move for Opinno, which continues to strengthen its position on the continent.

Opinno has been present in the Latin American market for years. The opening of the Mexican and Colombian offices in 2015 marked the beginning of an experience and learning process that, through a great diversity of projects, allowed us to make the leap to Ecuador and Peru.

We are now starting a new journey in Chile through an alliance with Proqualitas, an organizational consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience. As a result, we strengthen our presence on the continent and place our team and talent at the service of Chilean companies with the vision of continuing to be a reference point for innovation in Ibero-America.

“In terms of culture, it has been a very good fit; both companies comply with the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal responsibility,” says Javier Iglesias, director of operations at Opinno. “The combination of Opinno's team skills together with Proqualitas' experience and talent will enable us to develop important projects across different sectors of the Chilean economy.”

Proqualitas has a very strong reputation in the Chilean market, as a result of more than 30 years facilitating quality experiences aimed at consolidating sustainable organizational cultures. Its portfolio of services includes Ethical Culture, Customer Experience, Sustainable and Organizational Development and Leadership and Team Development”. It is also certified as a B company, an award that recognizes its commitment to its stakeholders and the Chilean business ecosystem as a whole.

“We will mutually enrich our commercial offering through this collaborative alliance. We want to take advantage of Opinno's differential expertise to bring added value to our clients,” says Andrés Ossandón CEO of Proqualitas. “I have appreciated the quality of the human interaction in our dealings with Opinno and the respectful and symmetrical way we have related to each other from the beginning. The negotiations have always been very transparent. We clearly have the best interests of both companies at heart”.

Communicating this partnership with Opinno is the starting point for a networking campaign which will explain the value that this partnership offers to Proqualitas' Chilean clients on issues related to organizational transformation, technology and agile methodologies. 

“We will begin by using the Agile Maturity Index to initiate a diagnosis and reflection on each client's starting point in terms of innovation and agility needs”.  Comments Sofia Helmke, marketing manager at Proqualitas.

This process is completed by providing both companies' teams with mutual access to different work and training tools, as well as support approaching and developing local commercial proposals. We also provide access to one of Opinno's key differentiators, our international network of experts that we make available to our clients while the projects are being executed.