There has been an exponential rise in self-employed workers in Spain in the last few years and in the annual turnover they generate. Autonomos have benefitted from a series of changes made to their status last year by a law which seeks to ease conditions and costs: the Law of Urgent Reform for the Self-Employed in 2017.

However, as the group is obliged by law to have an insurance policy which covers individuals in the case of accidents or illness, this presupposes a rich link between the two and demonstrates their mutual need of the other. But what other potential is there for insurance companies and their relationship with this sector of employees?

Opinno hosted the study and analysis of this sector of workers and their relationship with insurance companies for one of the major players in the Spanish insurance sector. We wanted to examine insurance companies’ business ecosystem and to identify the main competitors.

The study also revealed insights into the new tendencies in user behavior brought about by the effects of changes in regulations for the industry. We had a chance to look at the new relationships emerging between insurers and the self-employed workforce in Spain.

Further to these discoveries, the study also illuminated opportunities to improve conditions between insurance companies and autonomos in ways that were mutually beneficial.