In the evolving world of finance where products and services are converted into digital goods, and new customer regulations govern the competitive landscape, understanding digitization is becoming increasingly important.

Opinno created a Digital Leadership Program that gives members of an important Spanish bank the opportunity to accelerate their careers as digital innovators while learning from the best in the industry.

Training will take the form of presentations, lectures, workshops, ad-hoc discussions and guidance sessions. Participants will have access to course material, white papers, business events, and networking opportunities with an international team of innovation consultants.

The learning experience

We train executives to identify their leadership strengths and to maximize their influence across functions. At the end of this program, participants would have found answers to the following questions:

  • How to incorporate the newest digital finance trends in my department?
  • How to help my organization gain competitive advantage in a digital economy?
  • When are digital innovations opportunities and when threats?

Digital Leadership Program Opinno

Program overview

To maximize the impact of the program, we designed two complementary modules: one focused on competence development and the other on continuous learning.

1. Executive program

The purpose of this module is to raise awareness on the digitalization of the financial sector as well as to develop core digital competencies. It aims to introduce executives of Banco Santander to the most relevant topics in strategy, leadership, data analytics, and social media management. Participants will learn about Blockchain, IoT, Cognitive Analytics, and many other trends that are disrupting the financial industry.

The Digital Leadership Program integrates three different educational experiences:

  • Online sessions, inspirational talks with international keynote speakers;
  • Offline workshops, today’s key digital topics presented by industry experts;
  • Experiential & digital learning activities related to digitalization.

2. Continuous Learning

We follow up to make sure you got the most out of the learning experience. We’ll continue to answer questions and send you learning material.

Executive Program
Opinno has a long tradition of organizing top-tier executive programs and events like HBR Summit Mexico 2018, EMTECH Europe 2018, Innovators under 35 SUMMIT EUROPE 2018.

Interested to bring the Digital Leadership Program in your company? Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.