• As a company committed to society since its inception, Opinno is committed to ensuring equality and diversity, considering the diversity of its professionals as an integral part of its business success and avoiding any kind of discrimination.  
  • 53% of employees are women, who also have a greater presence in 3 out of 4 top managerial positions. 

Opinno equality plan

Photo: Opinno has announced its Equality Plan. Credit: Unsplash

Our company's Equality Plan is a set of measures, adopted after an initial evaluation of the company's situation, to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in the company and to eliminate gender discrimination. 

We have formed a multidisciplinary work team as a starting point, integrating all the actors and perspectives involved in the development of the plan. This plan establishes the specific equality objectives to be achieved, the strategies and practices necessary for their attainment, as well as the systems for monitoring and evaluating these objectives.   

In order to carry out the initial diagnosis, we considered issues such as access to employment, professional ranking, promotion and training, remuneration and organization of working time, reconciliation of work, personal and family life, and the prevention of sexual harassment and harassment based on gender. 

This assessment reviews the need for a balanced hiring ratio between men and women as established by law. In this regard, it is observed that in most of the company's categories and departments, the number of women far exceeds that of men. 

At Opinno, attitude and performance are what is important, and our salary system is linked to our Career Plan based on roles and skills, without any gender-based restrictions. That is why the remuneration is equal for both genders. In this sense, our goal is to maintain and ensure this equity in order to avoid the salary gap. 

Our employees' professional development is based exclusively on merit, aptitude and talent and has been defined in the company's Career Plan. In this regard, of the total promotions made in 2020, 60% corresponded to women and 40% to men.   

A total of 57.71% of the hours invested in training took place during working hours, involving 142 people, of whom 61.31% were women compared to 38.69% men.   

In terms of work time and work-life balance, the diagnostic data show that the company has more favorable conditions than those established in the Collective Bargaining Agreement in terms of flexible start times, lunch breaks, vacation split and not working on Friday afternoons. 

All of our employees can work remotely for at least 40% of the scheduled time, as well as benefittig from intensive working hours in the summer and an additional day and a half of vacation at Christmas. Compensation for work on non-working days is also recognized, always guaranteeing their right to digital disconnection outside of working hours. 

For our Equality Plan to be an effective working tool, it must be made known to everyone in the company, which is why the communication section is one of the most important elements of this plan. The real driver of change for us is to promote a business culture that is based on equal opportunities and treatment as one of its pillars.   

We have approved a protocol for the prevention of harassment (sexual or gender-based) as a fundamental component of the plan, categorically rejecting any conduct of this kind and incorporating it as a specific appendix to this equality plan. 

The objectives set out in this plan will be monitored and evaluated during and after their implementation, in order to determine their development and the results obtained in the different areas of action. This follow-up will be carried out on a scheduled basis, highlighting any possible needs that may arise during implementation.   

At the same time, we have created the e-mail address igualdadydiversidad@opinno.com in order to respond to any complaints and comments from our team. 

Finally, the plan includes establishing an Equality Commission to assess whether the planned objectives and actions have been achieved. The committee is made up of two members from within the company and two from outside the company, with equal representation between genders. At the same time, a training plan on equality has been established to facilitate the performance of its monitoring, evaluation and proposed functions.  

At Opinno, this plan is a commitment to ensure equal opportunities, promote a corporate value system, meet the individual needs of people and respect diversity within the company. 

About Opinno 

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