Photo: Opinno acquires italian company Tree, reinforcing its presence in Europe. Credit: Opinno

Founded by Antonio Perdichizzi, Tree specialises in open innovation, building and educating ecosystems, as well as promoting the digital transformation of companies. 

Turning over €1.9 million in 2019, with thirty employees and offices in Milan, Rome and Catania, Tree has among its clients some of the largest companies in Italy. “There is a European approach to open innovation. By connecting Tree and Italy with a large and well-structured company like Opinno, it allows us to help companies in Italy to innovate and change, enriching their experience, knowledge and excellence”, says Antonio.  

“We are very excited to start this journey in a country that is both a leader in innovation and design, but also a global economic powerhouse. The combined skills and talent of Opinno and Tree will be applied to significant projects in different sectors of the European economy,” says Pedro. “This venture reinforces our ability to develop open innovation consultancy services in Europe and Latin America, specifically expanding our differential knowledge in innovation and digital transformation across European markets”.  

To formally announce the launch of our expansion into Europe, we have organised, with Amazon Web Service and Salesforce, a webinar at the highest level: Leading Tomorrow: innovare e investire in Italia. 

We were honoured to be joined by the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitalisation for the Italian government, Paola Pisano, and Irene Tinagli, the Chair of the EU Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, as well as CEOs from major corporations.  

We are delighted to see that our expansion in Europe is attracting the attention of both the political and business worlds. This gives the Opinno team great satisfaction and it confirms that we are following the right path. 

If you would like to find out more regarding the content of the event, please click on this link. 

About Opinno

Opinno is a global innovation company born in Silicon Valley in 2008 that transforms organisations through the use of innovative methodologies devised by entrepreneurs. With more than 230 employees and offices in 7 countries (Spain, Italy, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia), Opinno is a leading innovation consultancy. We specialise in the design of digital and innovation strategies, cultural/corporate transformation and new ways of working through agile and collaborative models. Our services include the design of digital products and services, digital workforce reskilling, prototyping and the design and implementation of open innovation strategies. Opinno has built an ecosystem that includes innovation and technology experts from around the world and is also an active partner of leading global companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday and AWS. Opinno is also a partner of MIT Technology Review, the publishing arm of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

About Tree

Tree is a company specialised in providing innovative business solutions to large companies, SMEs, start-ups and institutions. With “Tree school”, it offers training in innovative courses for young talents, such as coding, data science, digital marketing. It provides a range of integrated services, such as business accelerators, business-oriented educational content, hackathon, mentoring and coaching for companies and start-ups, networking that facilitates open innovation between companies, SMEs and national and international innovation ecosystems. Among its clients, Tree counts some of the most important players in the Italian innovation sector.