Mexico, November 30th 2020. – Since 1999, the MIT Technology Review has been recognising the most talented young innovators and entrepreneurs from different countries who are using science and technology to solve the problems affecting today's society. To do so, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s magazine has held yearly, local editions of Innovators Under 35 at a global level to give visibility to these young talents. In 2013, an award for the 35 most talented young people in Latin America was created to expand the search for talent. This year we are celebrating the 7th edition of this award, which has created a community of more than 300 innovators over the years.

Pedro Moneo, publisher of the MIT Tech Review in Spanish and CEO and founder of Opinno, states that “new technologies are a great boost that allow us to transform the way we work in order to continue innovating”.

This list of Innovators Under 35 LATAM 2020, has been selected by an international jury of experts in all of the areas covered by the initiatives.  

This year, more than 1,000 entries have been submitted and the winners range from researchers to entrepreneurs to scientists and NGO founders. They are all developing new solutions that will impact all areas of society and business, as well as the way we work, learn, heal, manufacture and/or communicate. The 35 innovators will be awarded in various categories of the competition: entrepreneurs, humanitarians, pioneers, visionaries and inventors.

Below is the list of the 35 Innovators Under 35 LATAM 2020:

Entrepreneurs: these innovators have created the companies that are already changing the rules of the market.

John Freddy Vega – Platzi (Colombia)

Ricardo Di Lazzaro – Genomics (Brazil)

Tomás Giovanetti – TGA (Argentina)

Tatiana Chavarriaga – HealthyPhy (Colombia)

Felipe Echandi – Cuanto (Panama)

Omaira Saucedo – tuGente (Bolivia)

Eddy Alvarado – AGRO 360 (Dominican Republic)

Luis Santiago – PEGASI (Venezuela)

Gerardo Sordo Fernández – Brand me (Mexico)

Humanitarian: are those innovators using science and technology to address problems caused by poverty, war or social inequalities and to improve the lives of those most affected by these circumstances.

María Celis – EnlightAID (Chile)

Andrea Serrano – GelWear (Ecuador)

Lemnec Avellaneda – Wüin-Wayaa: We Are Water – Fundación Wayuuda (Colombia)

Fred Rabelo – Ti. súade (Brazil)

Moisés Venegas – ASELUS (Mexico)

Jorge Ríos – Bridgefy (Mexico)

Pioneers: are those innovators who are exploring the limits of science to create new technologies and expand our knowledge. For example, they have developed a new type of liquid biopsy, based on metabolism, that could help quickly predict the evolution of various types of cancer and refine treatment accordingly.

Diego Estévez – TotalStories, AI (Argentina)

José Campino – Gauss Control (Chile)

Marissa Cuevas – microTerra (Mexico)

María Campot – Enteria (Uruguay)

Juan España – Transactive Energy Colombia Initiative (Colombia)

Visionaries: this group includes innovators who are reinventing existing technology or proposing new angles or approaches from existing technology to solve problems that, until now, have been unsolvable.

Gabriel Liguori – TissueLabs (Brazil)

Verónica Silva – Apprendo App (Argentina)

Renato Borges – AGRO- Agrointeli. (Brazil)

Gabriela Asturias – Alma System (Guatemala)

Ana Karen Ramírez – EPIC QUEEN (Mexico)

Robinson López – AGROS (Peru)

Athali Castro – OXCEM (Peru)

Daniela Blanco – Sunthetics (Venezuela)

Inventors: these innovators are creating the devices and technologies that individuals and companies will use in the future.

Alejandra Cuba – CAOPACK (Peru)

Juvenal Ormachea – Non-invasive ultrasound images to detect cancer (Peru)

Amanda Silva – N.ovo (Brazil)

Sergio Marín – Netux (Colombia)

Esteban Valencia – HUMEGIS (Ecuador)

Jesús Mueras – iotomato – work smart. (Peru)

Lalit Gautam – Sensegras- FirsT NPK Detection Platform (Chile)

For each category, the MIT Technology Review will award a special mention to the inventor, entrepreneur, visionary, pioneer and humanitarian of the year:

  • Entrepreneur of the year:  

Gerardo Sordo – BrandMe (Mexico)

  • Visionary of the year:

Daniela Blanca – Sunthetics (Venezuela)

  • Inventor of the year:

Amanda Silva – N.ovo (Brazil)

  • Humanitarian of the year:

Lemnec Tiller – Fundación Wayuuda (Colombia)

  • Pioneer of the year:

José Campino – Gauss Control (Chile)

In numbers:


  • Female: 13
  • Male: 22


  • Brazil: 5
  • Colombia: 5
  • Mexico: 5
  • Peru: 5
  • Argentina: 3
  • Chile: 3
  • Ecuador: 2
  • Venezuela: 2
  • Bolivia: 1
  • Dominican Republic: 1
  • Guatemala: 1
  • Panama: 1
  • Uruguay: 1


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