The energy industry is going through a phase of rapid change. The existing path generation-transmission-distribution process is being disrupted by the latest trends in the industry like renewable energy, energy storage, and digitalization.

One of our clients, a major player in the energy industry, wanted to accelerate the pace of digital transformation through the use of agile methodologies.

Agile is a set of values and principles that guide a company’s ability to respond to change. The Agile Manifesto promotes collaboration between inter-disciplinary teams, short delivery cycles, and self-organising teams.

  1. The tactics for agile implementation include the following:
  2. Delivery of training in Agile and Scrum methodologies;
  3. The creation of multidisciplinary teams;
  4. Assignment of agile coaches for the accompaniment during six sprints in the reformulation and digitisation of business processes;
  5. Co-design with the client to identify the processes and activities that need to be adapted;
  6. Defining the role of the key stakeholders in the implementation of the Agile methodology in the company.

Additionally, our team designed two projects that will move them closer to where they want to be in the process of digital transformation.
We created InfoEnergia, an application that sends users notifications about the usage and efficiency of energy appliances, as well as personalised tips on how to save on bills. The information about consumption is presented in a way that is easy to understand. Clients can also visualise their past consumption and compare it against the consumption of households in the area.

The new virtual assistant we designed radically changed the interaction with customers. The service is available to clients that have one of the different Amazon Echo wireless speaker devices. Completely free of charge, clients can have their energy consumption explained in the last detail.