However, during the second decade of the twenty-tens, innovation in computing has accelerated at breathtaking speed. This change touches everyone’s lives, but it is very particularly felt in the construction sector, which is why it is so important that workers are familiar with its latest innovations.

Building engineering is one of the most powerful sectors of business in Spain. And just as large companies have realized it is now essential to develop perceptions of work culture in their workers, if employees are to be agile and efficient, they also know workers need to adapt to the lightening pace of technological change.

One of the sector’s leading companies, Sacyr had already come to this conclusion by the end of 2015. The company contacted us at Opinno for directions on how to tackle innovation in their organization. We were entrusted with the provision of contents for its web-based portal, Canal Innova, which is an industry blog on the subject, but whose target audience is its employees.

Sacyr, whose work includes projects of the calibre of the expansion of the Panama Canal, as well as several hospital cencessions worldwide, features as 62nd global engineering company with most international business in the specialist publication Energy News Record (ENR) in 2017.

Provision of Content

Why did Sacryr choose us for the project? Perhaps because we are a unique leading consultancy in innovation in Spain. Perhaps, also, because we edit the Spanish version of the most prestigious, most established technology publication in the world: the MIT Technology Review.

So after analyzing Sacyr’s strategic axes, we began selecting content for their channel and provided them with specialist content on emerging technologies associated with MIT Technology Review in Spanish.

Our experts then continued the process: sourcing the most relevant and up-to-date content for the portal in a range of formats: texts, videos and interviews with industry experts, to name a few. Our idea was for the portal to become a nucleus of innovative content aligned with the company’s strategic sights.

Today, Canal Innova is a solid reality with over 200 published articles in its two years of existence. Sacyr’s employees number over 10,000 and exist in over twenty time zones around the world. In such an extensive company culture, Canal Innova is a new way of bringing employees contact and innovation from the one site with the help of Opinno.

As company president, Manuel Manrique says, ‘Innovative company culture with an enduring brand is key to business expansion, and is not simply a bottom-down, management-driven range of strategies, rather ones that involve each worker and mobilizes the right tools for company development.’