The manufacturing sector is an ever-changing beast, and each year the industry faces new challenges. With 2019 rapidly approaching, Manufacturing Global takes a look at the key concerns manufacturers will have to overcome in the upcoming year.

An important manufacturing company contacted us to better understand innovation in an international industrial company with B2B and B2C businesses, how to align the different innovation definitions within the company, and how to promote the transformation project towards innovation.

The project consists of different phases:

• Design of a graphic model that would allow crossing the AS IS and the TO BE

• Diagnosis of maturity (AS IS) of innovation within the company

• Determining the vision of innovation (TO BE) or where they would like to be in innovation for the company

• Definition of the roadmap, projects initiatives to be carried out, to reach the vision

The result of the project was an action plan for the short and mid-term addressing the following areas of action: Lay the foundations of innovation, coordinate innovation, innovation, and tools. All this was accompanied by recommendations around a communication plan to publicize the project throughout the company.