Photo: Innovability, a new way of looking outward. Credit: Unsplash

A leading multinational power company, present on five continents and 32 countries, endorsed this principle and coined the term Open Innovation Approach, which translates as “good ideas are always welcome, wherever they come from.”    

Open Innovability is the digital crowdsourcing platform created by this company to solve global problems by integrating two key concepts, open Innovation and sustainability. Different challenges are launched from this platform and are true containers of both proposals and ideas, which are generated from the outside. The goal of the company is ambitious and compelling: to position itself as a global innovation leader in the year 2021.  

“One of the most important challenges has been the design of a global and local communication strategy to promote their international network of innovation hubs, thus positioning the company as a reference in open innovation,” says Amelia Hernández, Project Manager at Opinno.   

Innovation hubs are part of the company's strategy to lead the energy ecosystem of global innovation by connecting talent, ideas, experience, technology and resources. The goal is to identify, attract and collaborate with the most innovative startups and SMEs around the world, opening the doors of their labs and providing the necessary resources to develop the best energy solutions in a responsive and effective way.  
Each innovation hub is the point of reference for all startups in their field and economic sector. Their participation in the global network is an added value, since each hub relates to and collaborates with each other in order to exchange experiences. Thus, all the innovative ideas and best experiences generated in one territory can easily migrate from a local level to the international network.

During the last 3 years, the company has generated 140 innovation challenges, collecting thousands of ideas and solutions in more than 100 countries, and has provided economic rewards and collaboration agreements with companies, startups, researchers and individuals all over the world.

At Opinno, in addition to designing the communication strategy, we are actively collaborating to generate a wide variety of editorial and visual content with a special focus on video production. Our work includes naming and logo development as well as creating landing pages, generating interviews, supporting social media and managing paid communication campaigns and media. We also coordinate content in written media, including the Spanish edition of the MIT Technology Review.   

As a result of this collaboration, we have increased the visibility of success stories and the collaborative platform worldwide, creating engagement with new companies and SMEs in their respective ecosystems. Greater interaction between innovation centers has also been achieved.

 Our work has promoted more than twenty challenges, created eight customized strategies for the ecosystem of each hub and developed more than 100 pieces of content.   

At Opinno we are proud to have the opportunity to collaborate on an initiative that is leading the way forward, attracting talent and external ideas and solutions that have become the new way of truly understanding innovation.