Banks are facing several challenges when it comes to adapting to the new digital age that we are currently in. In order to adapt and stay agile banks must ensure that their services become more frictionless, artificial intelligence improves to help the customer experience, and utilizing biometrics to increase security of data.

This bank took on board the challenge of increasing the digital skills of its employees, for which the Digital Employee program proposed the following objectives. Raise awareness and inspire employees on the importance of digitalisation and the trends that exist in the sector. Provide the tools to their employees to develop their security and confidence in the different products and digital services of the bank. Turn the bank's employees into a source of innovation for the co-creation of improvements in digital products / services. Identify the bank's ambassadors to encourage the use of the bank's digital products and services.

Opinno proposed a quarterly cyclical project with diversified actions that guaranteed the information, use, co-creation and viralization of the digital products and services of this important Bank supported in technology, communication and gamification as support tools.

Opinno applied a model configured as a cyclic, iterative, flexible and incremental process to identify, collect, synthesize and share information of high value to the company. The model was based on five main variables:Focus, equipment, process, sources and deliverables.