Our consultants focused on understanding the level of digital maturity through interviews with stakeholders (as is); and understand the vision they want to reach (to be).

Among those involved are brand departments, human resources, IT, and communication. From the gap between As Is and To Be, areas of opportunity and lines of action are identified. The objectives of the project were:

  • Define the most appropriate digitization model for the organization
  • Evaluate both the level of current digital maturity and the digital vision of the organization based on the model created
  • Identify the priority areas of action that will allow reaching the ideal state, with special attention in the Quick Wins

The result was an exhaustive analysis of the current and desired digitalization model and, in turn, an improvement plan with recommendations on the following variables:

STRATEGY: Aligning strategy and digital objectives with the company's strategy. Common vision of digitization

ORGANIZATION: Existence of figures responsible for digitization, and administrative procedures and digital facilitation management

GOVERNANCE: Existence of defined criteria for the management of the digital portfolio, clear current processes and metrics of digital performance

RESOURCES: Availability of digital tools, spaces adapted to the needs and time of the people to devote to different activities

CULTURE: Digital mentality as a key pillar of culture (tolerance to failure, open communication, promotion of intrapreneurship, etc.)

PEOPLE: Existence of a strategy for developing and capturing digital talent, and incentives aimed at rewarding innovative performanceç

ECOSYSTEM: Proactive study of technological and market trends, involvement of the client and the final consumer in all areas and processes; besides collaboration with other agents of the environment