Digitalization is the driving force that has reconfigured the way we work.

The Gartner definition of digitalization is “the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities”.

Digital transformation doesn’t always happen because you change a couple of organizational practices and processes. You have to change the culture, the values and how you envision your teams working together in the next years.

When a client in the energy industry turned to us for guidance on how to capture, train and keep talent, we suggested they applied Agile principles to their way of working.

An Agile organization collaborates towards the same goal, that of creating and delivering customer value in the most efficient, simplified way. Because they are so dynamic, communication is key and ideas come from everywhere. When truly Agile, an organization is an organic network of high-performing teams. Agile teams are passion-driven, take initiative and collaborate with each other  to constantly increase customer value.

An Agile HR department is one in which diversity, inclusion and a culture of feedback prevail. Tasks are assigned according to skills, personal interests, and performance. So, in order for us to address the question “How do we identify influencers in our organization”, Opinno's team of consultants carried out a co-creation session with the client with the following objectives:

  1. To find out who the employees are, what are their values, what drives them
  2. What is the employee’s vision for the future, how do they plan to impact the world
  3. What they identify as their work style
  4. How they collaborate with others.

Our solution was to develop an interface that would allow us to survey team members and create a profile that would give us an idea about the power structure in the organization, who and why is more likely to succeed in their roles.