Technological advances have transformed the energy sector, making it more digital, mobile, and closer to consumers. In this increasingly competitive context, innovation is essential as part of the culture and identity of all companies. Innovation is what allows the energy sector to move forward and utilize more energy efficient technologies.

Coming into this project, we had the aim of generating a community and positioning a large company in the energy sector as an innovative organization. We proposed a structured work model to generate an observatory through which this energy company provides quality content focused on technological advances. The observatory also allowed for digitalization, innovation, and the gathering of information from its users in parallel to provide them with customized products and services.

The creation of the collaboration model first started with the generation of content in various formats with the aim of positioning Iberdrola as a generator of valuable information for its customers. Second, was the creation of a trend observatory with the objective of identifying new solutions, business models, experts that add value to the company. Last, was the generation of a competition of entrepreneurs and energy startups that respond to the company's challenges, creating a community around it.

Using the model we were able to identify several solutions for the energy sector company. First, was the creation of a portal for SMEs: Generation of a digital portal where SMEs have events, awards, courses and blogs to grow in the areas of improvement detected in the diagnosis. Second, we were able to propose challenges or projects and get experts to solve them: Search for experts who can advise and solve the challenges posed by SMEs in the community. Last, was the management of the end-to-end relationship with experts: Management and monitoring of the relationship between experts and SMEs, to ensure the good service of the former and the resolution of the challenges.