Madrid, 21 May 2020 – Global innovation firm Opinno has unveiled its Future Foresight methodology that enables companies to identify and prepare for possible future scenarios that will affect their business.  According to Opinno, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought forward a scenario of digitalisation and teleworking that would have taken months or years to arrive. In parallel, users have become more dependent on digital channels. Two situations to which companies must respond effectively.

Daniel Medina, co-founder of Opinno and Director of Innovation and Strategy, comments that “Future Foresight helps companies to anticipate the future and prepare for it, managing uncertainty to make better decisions. It also allows, from the present, to develop a vision of the future and work effectively in the necessary preparation of the business”.

Leadership: Thinking about the future to understand the present
In the face of the Covid-19 crisis, traditional strategic methodologies cannot anticipate scenarios of uncertainty and this is the reason why most companies are suffering a very significant impact on their business. Opinno's new Future Foresight report allows you to identify those possible events that will affect an organisation, to develop possible future scenarios, and to work more effectively in building the future of the business.

For this reason, the organisation's leadership and commitment must be based on a concern for knowledge, for developing a broad vision that allows trends and possible scenarios to be identified. In addition, leadership must be able to act, with courage and decisiveness, and to promote collaborative dynamics, internal and external, of the teams to build, among all, the adaptation to the future. 

Adaptations: The essence of survival
The future scenario methodology does not seek solutions, it seeks to identify adaptations. It aims to detect the elements that will be essential for a business in the future, boosting the organisation's flexibility to face the new realities and new scenarios that are gradually emerging every day. The five key steps for this are as follows:

  • Identify relevant areas and trends:To find the main areas of the business and the current trends that are defining the future, to know what the impact of these may be in each area of activity of the companies.
  • Surround yourself with experts: In order to identify the most realistic scenarios, it is necessary to understand the origin and motivation of the different trends, which allows you to recognise when they are intensifying or weakening.
  • Define future scenarios: This involves combining different trends, with the support and knowledge of experts.
  • Determine challenges: Companies must select the challenges they want to face in the identified scenarios. This step is key to having a clear direction.
  • Create an action plan: A comprehensive but progressive evolution is sought, leading companies to position themselves according to their objectives. The most complete and effective action plans should include incremental, transformational and disruptive innovation projects, which will allow for a progressive evolution of the business and the company.

Link to Opinno's full Future Foresight report: