Opinno’s managing director, Tommaso Canonici and Antonio Nuñez have launched their book, “El Líder Ante la Innovación” at the Rafael del Pino Foundation. Rafael del Pino y Moreno’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to open the Rafael del Pino Foundation, a place to train leaders and to encourage entrepreneurial activity. Nuñez and Canonici’s book is reflective of the Rafael del Pino Foundation’s mission:

“To contribute so that the knowledge inherited from others, along with our particular added value, continues to be transmitted to the following generations in freedom.”

The book launch at the Rafael del Pino Foundation was partnered by a roundtable talk facilitated by tech guru and chief editor of the MIT Technology Review in Spanish, Marta del Amo. The topic of discussion during this gathering of thought leaders was in regards to innovation in companies. Prominent innovators were brought to the table to discuss: CEO of Endesa, José D. Bogas Gálvez, CEO of Sanitas, Iñaki Ereño, and CEO of Merck Group, Marieta Jimenez.

The most pivotal and momentous strategies that currently burn in the minds of CEO’s are innovation strategies. The adoption and adaption of these strategies has presented many opportunities, but also many threats to companies. A change in mentality has been imperative among multinationals and startups alike in order to evolve in an ever-changing innovative ecosystem and “El Líder Ante la Innovación” sheds a light on this.

“El Líder Ante la Innovación” provides key insights from over 100 top managers from world-renowned companies that are transforming their industries. The authors characterize these change leaders as “astronauts” that may initiate ideas that seem out of this universe to the traditional thinker, but that have re-defined and re-designed not only their businesses, but their industries, for the better. The book addresses technological innovative changes that can be made within a company, but also goes deeper, by reflecting on how to manage change and adapt a mission and culture at the roots of a company.

“El Líder Ante la Innovación” is targeted towards CEO’s, executives and advisors that want to understand and partake in the journey that is, innovation.  “El Líder Ante la Innovación” is transparent, highlighting the nitty gritty as much as the success stories in order to provide significant advice that will provoke a fluid digital transformation.

Innovation is arguably something “of the times,” or “in style,” but “El Líder Ante la Innovación” proves that you cannot simply seek out innovation to fit the the mold of what a disruptive company looks like. Companies need to strategize, they need to appoint change leaders that can take the burden off of employees, they need to analyze the evolution of digital transformation in their industry and they need to evaluate the consumers evolving with the technology and times. In fact, the authors emphasize in the introduction that innovation is by no means improvisation. Decision makers in the present are making decisions that will shape our future as a whole, which is why they involve serious delegation and consideration.

Experts Canonici and Nuñez weigh in on questions like, how can you oblige a leader to produce growth and results in a short time, while experimenting and inventing for the future? Or, How can you balance a short term strategy with a long term scope? These authors and CEO’s spill their knowledge and advise so that others can have profound transformations in their own projects, businesses and fields.