Our team of consultants organized a three-week executive training for the management of a prestigious Spanish Bank. The subject was innovations that are disrupting the banking industry today.

Fintech is the application of digital technologies to create, record, transfer and manage financial value and risk. It’s imperative for our clients to understand the impact of Fintech and digital systems on traditional banking.

Fintech includes a wide range of products, technologies and business models. It refers to anything from crowdfunding, virtual currency, money transfer, payment methods and many more. Fintech changes the way we loan and buy. Its surge in popularity in the last years was determined by the lack of barriers (as opposed to the bureaucratic system of banks) and easiness to use.

Who participated in the program

  • Managers in charge of digital transformation in the organization;
  • Managers interested in exploring how Fintech will affect their business and how to prepare for the changes to come;
  • Heads of innovation.

The training program focused on three areas:

  1. Blockchain is a technology that senior managers cannot avoid to ignore;
  2. Digital identities. Because identity theft is so frequent on the web, digital authentication and validation are critical measures to ensure infrastructure security in the private and public sectors.
  3. Cryptocurrency. According to Gavin Andersen, Bitcoin’s technical lead, cryptocurrency is meant to take the regulating institutions out of the equation, to create “a decentralized currency of the future.”

At the end of the training program, we wanted banking executives to go back to their organizations with a clear understanding of how technology affects the financial sector and make informed strategic decisions.