This year’s event organised a panel of 15 speakers, innovators, technology editors, and heads of industries to discuss the emerging technologies with the potential to revolutionise industries. Artificial intelligence is at the centre of this debate. Pedro Moneo, CEO and founder of Opinno, and publisher of MIT Technology Review in Spanish, together with Beatriz Ferreira, director of OpinnoLatAm, will take part in the discussion about the transformational power of Artificial Intelligence but also on its more complex implications.

This event is addressed to members of the C-suite, founders of companies, thought leaders, and scientists, that in the course of the two days will discuss the impact of AI on society, privacy issues regarding data use, the effects of the digital transformation and the most important topics related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Since its inception in the 1950s, when Alan Turing wrote the famous article “Can machines think?” trying to understand whether computers can achieve a reasoning level similar to humans, artificial intelligence has developed to the point where nowadays is an integral part of our lives.

AI has the potential to solve the world’s most critical problems: it can transform medicine; improve banking services; it is instrumental in breaking down cultural and economic barriers and many more. Additionally, it can enhance our capacity to think and focus, thus increase our chances to impact the world.

Algorithms can be a force for good. However, when decision-making is concentrated in the hands of the few, AI becomes a potential for disaster of which scientists and a few groups of entrepreneurs have long warned us. From risking our democracies and freedom of expression to privacy invasion, AI can challenge our humanity. Or it can replace us altogether. If Artificial General Intelligence continues to develop, systems could perform any task autonomously better than humans. At EmTech Digital LATAM 2019 we’ll discuss how to create the world in which we want to live.


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