Additionally, the constant transformation of users' lifestyles allows for new opportunities for insurance companies to explore as they take an unprecedented role in the sector.

For this reason, one of the leading insurance companies in Spain has come to Opinno for assistance. We helped design a methodology that allows the company to position themselves as leaders in the market.

The most essential tools in the world of innovation are based on user-centered design (HCD), rapid prototyping, experience, and tangibility in products and services. These are utilized quickly to test reception in the market.

For this project, our consultants focused on three areas of action:

Fast profits: quick improvements that do not require much effort from current resources and that optimize the user experience, products, processes or current resources

New products / services: new categories of direct or indirect services and / or experiences

New business models: strategic rethinking of the insurance-customer relationship, the sales model, etc. (Long term and high strategic impact)

The end result proved to be a sustainable innovation model over time.