The daily decisions made by members of an organization are a reflection of the organization's values and determine how the organization is viewed by society. It is important for organizations to create a value framework that demonstrates their business goals and ethics.

We have been working with a bank to create a detailed value framework in terms of purpose, mission, vision, values, and behaviors, based on the collaboration of the people in the organization.

We began the project by defining the mission, vision, and strategic lines of the organization. Next, we want to ensure transparency throughout the framework so we developed a concept for project communication. This involved all members of the organization to ensure that no member was left out of the process.

We continued in designing the project by identifying and seeking to understand organization expectations. This allowed for us to also locate needs and barriers for the development of a collaboration plan and construction of a value framework from the perspective of employees and the attribution of values perceived by customers.

To further solidify this value framework we also sought to know the purpose, mission, vision and expected behaviors of employees and managers. Lastly, we identified the change leaders that have the most influence among employees.

The project culminated with the definition of the value framework detailed in the purpose, mission, vision, values, and behaviors. The construction of the value framework was made from the co-creation with employees, involving their motivations and aspirations to guarantee an employee-centric focus.