Opinno talks

The year 2020, marked by the global pandemic since the Spring, constrained the organization of on site and in-person events. The uncertainty it generated has sparked interest and accelerated digital transformation projects, even within business sectors where initiatives of this kind weren’t among their immediate priorities.     

This year we created the Opinno Talks. Using the webinar format, we’ve been able to connect prominent CEOs with the community. The purpose was to continue connecting knowledge with audiences interested in sharing it, only this time virtually.   

Now that the new normal is a bit closer, it’s important to put all the lessons learned in the past months into practice. Because even once the pandemic is over, the world will never be the same and while we don't know what that the world will be like, we have the tools to try to predict it.   

Tommaso Canonici, founding partner and CEO of Opinno, and Antonio Núñez, senior partner at Parangon Partners, co-authors of the book “El líder ante la innovación”, have joined efforts again since February.   

“Given the high levels of uncertainty, we immediately realized the need to reactivate the exchange of knowledge within the business community. The goal was to continue providing a voice to all business leaders and even politicians who had something to share about digital transformation in the post-Covid era,” says Tommaso.

The idea was to bring together CEOs, managers and public figures of the highest level throughout 7 webinars focused on the theme “Leading tomorrow”. The content needed to adapt to the ever -evolving situation and share the most relevant experiences and learnings in digital transformation in different sectors.   

2020 was also the year large pharmaceutical companies became popular. AstraZeneca or Moderna are now part of a new vocabulary. Health care has been one of the recurring topics in our webinars, attended by CEOs and managing directors of Novartis, Merck, Pfizer, Genomics and HM Hospitals, among others.  

The perspective of senior management teams in sectors such as banking, insurance and energy completed this approach to digital transformation with the presence of Endesa, Enel, Enagás, Mastercard Mexico, Bantrab, Mapfre, Reale and others. City managers, including the mayor of Madrid also attended.    

On September 30th coinciding with Opinno's entry into the Italian market, we held a virtual meeting entitled “How to innovate and invest in Italy”, which was attended by the Italian Minister of Technological Innovation and Digitization, and the Chair of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament, in addition to important executives of large companies such as Enel, ManpowerGroup, Unicredit, Amazon Web Services or Salesforce Italia.     

In the coming year we want to include other sectors of activity such as e-commerce or logistics, who will play a decisive role in the new economy. Following the expansion of Opinno worldwide, webinars will have an international focus and our offices in Barcelona, Mexico, Milan, or Quito, will be active in the creation of such events.  

The expectations created by the development of new vaccines offer us a glimpse into a near future in which, together with virtual events, we’ll probably continue to celebrate the kind of face-to-face meetings that have been key since our first steps as a company.        

Activating the ecosystem and sharing knowledge are also driven by the human spirit that moves us all forward.