Working in groups always seems to work better than working alone. Putting two or more brains together can help achieve an idea or solution quicker, as there is more than one perspective of the situation. 

Through history men have joined forces to build and develop their communities. Whenever a problem arose, humans would get together to find a solution and be able to generate conclusions. This strategy has been named Collective Intelligence. The Term was coined by Thomas Malone, the Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management at MIT and the founding director at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. Malone has introduced the idea that businesses of the future will look very different from today’s organizations due to collective information gathering. 

In addition, researchers have been working on machines that can function as similar as possible to the human brain. Artificial intelligence involving computers and other types of automation have produced collective intelligence as different types of groups that connect with one another to produce a body of knowledge. 

Minds and Tech in collaboration with MIT Center for Collective Intelligence displayed the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and Collective Intelligence. As these two together will create a technology that will be the super mind of the future. 

In the event, Minds and Tech presented international experts to discuss the subject that is in everyone’s mouth, the impact that represents incorporating human knowledge with avantgarde technology.  

Additionally, Minds and Tech hosted a competition, Challenging Minds, to give recognition to innovative startups that employ artificial intelligence or collective intelligence in order to solve a problem while bringing value to society.  A panel of experts had the opportunity of selecting five startups to participate in this year’s event. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to visit and launch at the MIT Center of Collective Intelligence in Cambridge, but most importantly, the value of the award is in the visibility and international prestige that follows when winners are recognized as innovative leaders in their areas of work. 

To conclude, the Program Narrative of the event:

-Are We Truly Heading Towards Intelligent Development? 

 -Collective Intelligence & Global Challenges: questioning the current concepts we hold on intelligence.

-AI Solutions: Part of the solutions harnessed by collective intelligence involve another kind of intelligence: the artificial one

-Governance Solutions: It is essential to think about how AI and CI should be incorporated within public institutions and policy-making for a responsible use of new technologies.

-Industry Solutions: To complete the journey towards intelligence, Minds & Tech will delve into the future of industry examining how work environments will look like and how they respond to the new demands of markets.

-Start-up Competition