The immersion program, launched by ICEX SPAIN Export and Investment and Red.es, select Startups to attend two weeks of online training sessions that allow the Silicon Valley business environment, get keys to refineThe business strategy and accelerate growth.The deadline to register is open until February 21 and the interested parties can do so throughis link.Candidates wishing to participate must have a product or service of high technological value and a high-growth business model.

Madrid, January 19, 2021.Until February 21, the registration period will be open for the next edition of the San Francisco challenge immersion program.This initiative, start-up by ICEX Spain Export and Investments and Red.es, allows Spanish Technological Startups to access an online training program for two weeks, during which participants may receive advice from investors and experts and know and interactwith agents and actors of the most important innovation ecosystem.

Startups interested in participating can find more information and enroll through the Web:Https: // 呜呜. Savifi Ia.gob. Starry / Programs.To be considered in the selection process, you must have developed a product or service of high technological value, and have a demonstrated high-growth business model.They must also be registered in Spain.

The program consists of two weeks of workshops taught telematics that will take place from March 15 to 26.The selected ones will have the opportunity to interact with investment experts, laws, oratory, marketing, entrepreneurship, business development and strategy, as well as successful Spanish entrepreneurs.The program provides an exhaustive view of the tools used by Silicon Valley startups to grow exponentially and climb globally.

More than 100 Spanish technological companies have gone through the previous editions of the program.The Portfolio of Companies has created more 3000 jobs and has raised more than $ 150 m of capital.The average investment is $ 1.45 of the Venture Capital firms and the most prestigious accelerators of the industry.


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