Over the past 15 years, we have established a presence in 11 countries and have built a team of more than 250 highly skilled consultants who work tirelessly to drive innovation in a variety of industries. One of our most notable achievements this year is our successful entry into the Portuguese market, marking an important milestone in our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy. This expansion began three years ago with the integration of Tree into our Opinno ecosystem, and now, with an innovation consultancy as a strategic partner in Portugal, we further consolidate our position as a leading innovation consultancy in Southern Europe.

In the Middle East, we celebrated a successful year with the opening of our offices in Riyadh and Dubai. This achievement represents an important step in consolidating our presence in the region. Our COO, Javier Iglesias, says: “The Middle East is undergoing a transformation with an ambitious long-term vision to improve the quality of life of its citizens and become a top destination for talent and tourism, and it is a privilege to be involved in projects of this scale.

In Italy, we are demonstrating our commitment to innovation by becoming the official publishers of MIT Technology Review Italia.
Under Pontorno’s leadership, our magazine will offer an in-depth exploration of Italian and European innovation through two specialized sections: Innovation Leadership and Inception Tech.

In addition, in Peru, we strengthened our presence with the addition of Senén Bernárdez as the new office manager in the Andean country, underscoring our commitment to growth and collaboration in Latin America.Finally, we successfully closed another edition of Innovators Under 35 Latam, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and talent in Latin America together with MIT Technology Review in Spanish.This event allowed 35 new entrepreneurs to join the world’s largest community of innovators, demonstrating our fundamental role as a catalyst for the ideas and projects that will define the world of tomorrow.

With our global expansion, strategic partnerships and relentless focus on innovation, Opinno continues to play a crucial role in transforming businesses and creating technology solutions that have a lasting impact around the world. On our 15th anniversary, we are more committed than ever to continue leading the way to a more innovative and promising future.