Photo: Bantrab, Agile Transformation 360º. Credit: Pexels

This also applies to the perception we have of brands and companies. In order to operate, they too need to create a predictable and consistent personality. What really makes a difference in a companies' perception however is not just a matter of values, but about the visible decisions they make. 

How can a company build effective teams, create excellent customer service, or drive innovation, if it doesn't share its values with those who apply them on a daily basis? Employees, through their conduct, spirit of service and decision-making, are undoubtedly the true expression of this differential personality. 

Well aware of this reality, and for the third consecutive year, BBVA, with the collaboration of Opinno, has organized Values Day. “United by Values” is the name of the most recent edition, through which more than 125,000 employees worldwide have had the opportunity to reflect, discuss and share insights on the culture of their company. 

This year, due to the pandemic, all Values Day activities and workshops were moved online, increasing employee participation by 11%, compared to the previous edition. 

Opinno organized the main activity of the day, the Values Workshop, where 65,800 employees, distributed in 6,700 groups, took part in lively discussions about the bank’s values and behaviors.

“We conducted a historical analysis in order to understand how the company’s values evolved and how they were applied at different moments. This led us to suggest new initiatives based on those values, and thus respond to the demand of the bank’s strategic priorities in the future. These priorities include having the best team, operational excellence, data and technology, as well as customer growth, by helping them transition into a sustainable future and improving their financial health,” says Libia Renza, Project Leader of Opinno. 

Some of the initiatives proposed have paved the way to further engagement of customer relationships, in order to better understand them and get ahead of their needs, incentivizing employee initiatives and enhanced mobility of those who promote cultural exchange.

After conducting a survey among employees, we discovered that more than 90% consider they now have a better understanding of BBVA's values and their application in daily life. On average, 76% of employees participated, highlighting the presence of the workforce in Spain, Mexico and South America. Interestingly, the number of those who prefer to keep Values Day online practically doubles those who would rather participate in a more conventional format.  
 As a final note, at Opinno, we are reminded once again that having a strong culture with clear and well perceived values, both outside and within the company, is the best way to create a space in which our team, clients and associates can collaborate and cultivate a differential personality.