Photo: AWS, the next generation of digital leaders. Credit: Unsplash

A new reality is forcing companies to redefine the way they conduct business in the context of constant change. The current global disruption we are facing requires a leader, capable of managing situations in an ever-changing world. 

Companies failure or success will depend, not so much on their ability to manage the current crisis, but on their vision of future opportunities and their ability to adapt to new technologies and ways of working.  

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading global players in cloud computing. Aware of the challenge, the company decided to launch AWS Digital Leaders in Mexico, a pilot program designed for its own clients. Its goal is to help managers navigate towards a new digital environment, through a process of both professional and personal transformation.     

The program, which we helped develop between June 22nd and July 31st of this year, was based on strategy, people and technology, the three main components of digital transformation. 

Its goal was to inspire and support participants through the digital activation process. In order to carry out this transformation, we needed to analyze their companies’ challenges as well as their personal ones, reduce the risks of its application and provide the necessary skills on strategy, leadership and digital tools.  

 ”AWS Digital leaders was a 6-week program. The first half was dedicated to the self-diagnosis of managers and their companies. We wanted to identify their digital situations and detect possible areas of opportunity. During the second half of the program, participants were trained to set the foundation for a digital transformation strategy, specific to their organizations. The idea was to provide tailored-made solutions and tools for the short and medium term,” says Martha López Sainz, Project Leader at Opinno.     

Our collaboration with AWS started by creating the program's brand identity and applying a Digital Maturity Index. After an initial diagnosis, each registered participant had an individual session with Opinno´s team of digital transformation experts.  The idea was to share specific recommendations, adapted to their organizations’ digital status, and create a customized report.  

During the training phase, we organized online sessions and group workshops with experts in each of the various topics. During these sessions, we provided Q&A support and webinars, including analysis and definition of the specific transformation of each organization.  Before each session began, we sent related content in different formats to the participants, in order to optimize learning and interaction.    

Our team of trainers, experts in leadership and new technologies was composed by Beatriz Ferreira, Sara Alvarez and Miguel Foces. We also had the support and participation of our Opinno Experts, collaborators of leading Latin American companies and the editors of the MIT Technology Review in Spanish.  

According to AWS México, “We’ve maintained a strategic alliance with Opinno since 2018. Throughout the years, we’ve grown to share the same obsession: customer satisfaction. Thanks to the Digital Leaders program, we’ve been able to extend Amazon’s culture and Opinno’s strategy, in order to help our customers improve their digital knowhow and prepare for change. This collaboration has undoubtedly made it easier to prepare for innovative digital transformation”

Out of the 38 people enrolled, nineteen digital maturity reports were elaborated, resulting in fifteen individual interviews, and 15 final certified participants.    

This pilot program involved a real learning curve for AWS and Opinno, and a promising start for upcoming editions in Mexico, as well as the rest of Latin America.