Despite its apparent forcefulness, professionals all over the world use this phrase. It basically states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated. 

In line with that same playful spirit, at Opinno we’ve adopted this term in order to announce our new Annual Report 2019 to underline the values that really shape and drive the work we do.  

Numbers are important but they do not reflect the fundamental aspects of what keeps us motivated every single day and that is: the measurable impact delivered to our clients, to their specific industry and to society at large.  

At Opinno we are well aware that the lasting impact of our work together with the development of new economic opportunities is what will make a difference in the technology and innovation sectors worldwide. That is why we decided to present our 2019 annual report in a format more aligned with the values that inspire everything we do.  

2019 has been yet another successful year. We’ve grown in all of our areas of work and strengthened our international scope of business. We have also earned the highest certifications, for quality and environmental management practices, continued our editorial activity and boosted our social branch, 

Not surprisingly, our 2019 Annual Report has been renamed Impact Report because it provides this other dimension as well as integrates storytelling, the oldest and still most efficient way we have of communicating.  

Nine successful stories selected among hundreds of projects from all over the world, which reflect all three of our areas of activity: Open Innovation, Strategy & Business Architecture, and Technology Solutions.  

Nine stories which have created new opportunities for growth and improved the lives of people worldwide. These uplifting stories, which have generated measurable impacts for our clients and their line of business have impacted our team and society at large.  

We invite you to read it here and discover more about these stories and all the projects carried in 2019. Welcome to our take on real impact. Welcome to what really matters.