Opinno Research Institute

Opinno Research Institute (ORI) is a trend research center that addresses the key issues facing organizations and society

We are living through an era of uncertainty and transformation in the social, economic and environmental spheres that require nuance to understand the world and break down its complexity. For this reason, Opinno provides society and organisations with a space for analysis and reflection where the most authoritative voices in the world of business, technology and innovation tackle global challenges with depth and clarity.


The Opinno Research Institute was born out of a need. The need to seek answers, to understand reality and anticipate solutions thanks to the collective intelligence formed by a global network of academic and business leaders of thought. In 2018, when ORI was founded, the world was undergoing the Fourth Industrial Revolution and facing challenges such as the integration of artificial intelligence, the future of work and the digital economy. Much has changed since then. Some trends, such as digital transformation, have accelerated, while new concerns and aspirations have emerged, such as organizational impact, legacy and stakeholder engagement. To analyze all the challenges, anticipate trends and unravel the complexity of the current landscape, a tool such as Opinno Research Institute remains indispensable.


Opinno Research Institute's mission is to provide information, context and clarity on complex issues. Thanks to a consolidated network of experts and continuously studying and monitoring of trends, Opinno Research Institute is able to anticipate scenarios, carry out strategic analysis and offer accurate recommendations. To do so, it works on several axes:

  • Open Innovation to harness the power of ecosystems.
  • Adaptive Leadership to help individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments.
  • Theory of Change to promote social progress and public impact.
  • Collective Intelligence to unleash the wisdom of crowds.
  • Impact Analysis to understand the role of organizations and their social, environmental and governance performance.

All of this in order to anticipate challenges, study new realities and provide detailed insight to leaders who must guide organizations towards collective success.

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