Open Innovation

Understanding the market is the starting point for innovation. Our open innovation group provides our clients with market intelligence, helps create innovation ecosystems and collaborates with the startup ecosystem. 

Open innovation italy


Thanks to our experience in innovation projects, we have a broad overview of different trends and sectors and we develop specific tools to analyze markets quantitatively and qualitatively

  • Trend Observatory. In-depth analysis of trends or sectors over a period of time
  • Thematic reports. Study of a specific topic and creation of a reference report
  • Specific content plan. Definition of the editorial strategy and development of a content plan
  • Positioning and SEO optimization. High-quality content adapted to the rules and digital language to bring value to the user
  • MIT Technology Review in Spanish. Cutting-edge information, interviews, in-depth articles and access to a network of experts on technological innovation


We analyze and adapt to the client's innovation maturity. We cover the entire process: from challenge identification to pilot management

  • Anticipation. Trend observatories to monitor the progress of disruptive technologies, opportunity mapping to focus on the right initiatives, and benchmarking to unravel the most successful models
  • Recruitment. Scouting to detect the best proposals in the ecosystem, evaluation of projects through a network of experts and competitions to solve challenges and attract talent
  • Dissemination. Technology events to boost innovation initiatives, open innovation platforms to deepen new technologies and partnerships to deploy the innovation ecosystem

Corporate Venturing

We create innovation strategies that enable companies to incorporate innovative technologies in order to make a positive impact on their business, customers and society at large. To do this, we define a detailed process which will lead us to our partners’ objectives and may take many different forms:

  • Corporate venture client: Supporting companies in finding and choosing startups that offer products and services that respond to their business challenges.
  • Corporate venture building: Creating a startup with the client company’s funds, capabilities, and networks so that the new venture can respond quickly to head office’s strategic challenges.
  • Corporate accelerator: Using the knowledge, facilities, and resources of established companies to promote the development of startups.
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